Why Tracking Your Dog or Cat With GPS is Wise

Posted on December 12 2018

Why Tracking Your Dog or Cat With GPS is Wise

For the last 20-30 years, the world has been in a technological revolution. The internet, electric cars, innovative home delivery services and devices of all kinds have hit the market with a boom. These days nearly everything is at our fingertips.  The use of GPS tracking technology has historically been for things like tracking automobiles. But this has crossed over into privacy services and even tracking your pets. Global Positioning Systems, or GPS for short, use satellites to pinpoint exact geographic coordinates of a single object nearly anywhere on Earth. How is this useful for tracking a pet dog or cat? Consider this: every year millions of dogs and cats worldwide end up missing and are never seen again. With pet tracking devices on the market today you can make sure this doesn’t happen to your dog or cat. Devices these days are pretty simple; you attach a GPS collar to your dog’s neck and can track the dog’s movement with your smartphone. If you’d like to keep your pet safe you might want to consider getting a GPS tracking device.

Reasons To Consider a GPS Tracking Device

Dogs and cats are not always the most cooperative animals. They love to dig and climb, and sooner or later, they will find an escape route especially if scared by thunder or fireworks. A visitor or tradesperson might leave a gate open. These things can all lead to the sudden disappearance of your dog or cat and they can cover huge distances in a very short time.

When a dog goes missing owners are tasked with the responsibility of locating them. This means, searching all over the neighborhood and making numerous calls to local vet clinics and animal shelters. This can be both emotionally and physically exhausting. And worse, if an animal is not claimed within a certain time period they may be euthanized. This can be a traumatic experience for the whole family.

Traveling with dogs can be a risky ordeal as well. Being in an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for your animal and should they run off or escape, locating them will be more challenging.


How GPS Tracking Devices Can Help

With a GPS tracking device for your dog or cat you have peace of mind in knowing where they are at any time of the day or night. Should your dog or cat escape or run off, you can quickly locate them using the app on your smartphone - saving you time, money and stress.

Many GPS trackers these days have added features that go beyond just locating a lost pet. With a GPS tracker you can set up a safe perimeter for your pet and you will be alerted should they go past that virtual boundary. Moreover, they can be used to track where your pet has been over the day or night and where they are spending most of their time. Nowadays trackers are lightweight and small allowing them to be used on big and small dogs and even cats!


GPS tracking pet devices are a great buy considering the benefits and the peace of mind for the pet owner. You never have to worry about your dog getting lost so avoiding the traumatic ordeal for both the pet and the family while away from home. They are not expensive nor are they complicated. Collars are built to be comfortably worn and owners can track their pet from their smartphone. If you are looking for that peace of mind, go ahead and get yourself a tracking device for your pet. You’ll be glad you did.



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