Reunited! Thanks To the Petrek 3G

Posted on July 30 2019

Reunited! Thanks To the Petrek 3G

Who doesn't love a good reunion story! Here is a story about how Andrew found his beloved pet with the help of our Petrek 3G GPS tracker! 

Standard schnauzer had Petrek tracker on all day from 7 am on normal reporting mode.

Bundled into the car at 2:30 pm for a 3 hour journey home.

Once home, he jumped out of car and disobediently took off immediately after kangaroos in the adjoining paddocks.

I followed on foot and despite my frantic calls couldn’t hear or see him in the quickly fading light.

I didn’t take my phone with me as it was unpacked and in the house already and I was, what I thought was, quickly on his heels.

After trekking across about a km of paddock, roaring, I returned home to get phone and iPet app.

Now he’s missing for almost an hour, in the pitch black and fit enough to chase roos for hours on end.

You can’t imagine the relief when the app showed his location. About 2km away, over hills, fences and dale.

Off I go forcing my blue dot location towards his red dot, hoping the battery, that was 100% at 7am, would last after I swapped reporting over to urgent mode.

It did. In the pitch black now I find he had a kangaroo bailed up on a dam bank. No bark left as he was exhausted, so I only located him due to PETREK and the iPet app.

No harm done to either animal, just me. A hammy and a lost voice but a found dog.

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