How to avoid ongoing fees while tracking your car, boat, van, or motorbike!

Posted on December 12 2018

How to avoid ongoing fees while tracking your car, boat, van, or motorbike!

Sometimes you want to make sure that your valuables are safe, and these days you have the ability to keep track of your valuable possessions with modern technology. There are so many options when it comes to tracking devices available in today’s technology boom that it may seem overwhelming as to which is best to track your car, boat, van or motorbike. Some of these can be more expensive options than you would like and others may be missing the features that you need. There are often very costly ongoing monthly fees associated with these tracking services that it may not be a feasible option for everyone. If you are looking for a reasonably priced option for tracking your motor vehicles, this will help you avoid costly regular fees for those services.

The first option is a product just like the ones offered by TrackAll which is a high quality version of GPS tracking products often referred to as an “out of the box” tracker. What these trackers do is give you peace of mind for whatever motor vehicle or thing you place them on or in. After you purchase one of these type of trackers, they’re virtually ready to use immediately. There is no need for purchasing additional service plans or setting up complex systems. These devices are simply “plug and play”; place it somewhere in the vehicle you want to track, and then download the free iCar app for your phone and you’re good to go. These “out of the box trackers” use GPS satellites to see where your tracker is, send the data through the mobile phone network directly to your app, allowing you to see this information right on your phone whenever, wherever.

Through this iCar app from TrackAll you can track as many items as you want with the different trackers. You can set up alerts if your car moves even when the ignition is not turned on or set up virtual boundaries to alert you if your car moves from a designated area, helping to ensure that your property is not getting stolen. You can even track your trips made any day for the last week showing you exact locations, time, date, speed and distance travelled!

Beware of poor quality DIY trackers as these may not be as effective as you’d want. These also may have hidden fees that will ultimately be more expensive than you would like. You can Google how to get these items, but you don’t get the benefit of such things as ongoing local Australian customer support if something goes wrong. They may seem simple to set up, but there are a lot of things that go into these DIY devices. If they are not setup properly, they will never work. If sourced from overseas they may well not work in Australia. DIY trackers are not an ideal choice if you want something that is inexpensive and effective.

Instead, do your research to find a reputable company that offers reliable tracking products here in Australia. These are items that work well right out of the box without having to worry about finding your own SIM cards and working out what plan will work for you without costing an arm and a leg. You want simplicity, something that you can easily set up as well as something that won’t cost you any ongoing monthly fees.

You don’t have to worry about any additional costs after purchasing a LiveTrek tracker from TrackAll as there are no hidden ongoing fees or maintenance costs. The only fees you will pay are the data cost for the Sim card that is in the tracker. Trackall supply the trackers already loaded with the most effective and least cost pre-paid SIM cards (no more than $15 per year!) but, if you prefer you can use a SIM card from the telco provider of your choice. To see any ongoing fees in using the TrackAlls devices, please read here:

You invested a lot of money in your motorbike, boat, van, car or any other motor vehicle and you want to make sure that you protect this investment. Check out, which will help you learn more about easy to use tracking devices with no hidden costs or ongoing fees that offer peace of mind about the security of your big-ticket purchases.

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