LiveTrek Stealth: protecting your property!

You pull up at an idyllic, secluded spot beside the lake, unhitch the van and then need to head into the nearest town for some supplies, but will the van still be there by the time you get back? How can you tell if someone is taking your prized possession if you are not there?
Introducing LiveTrek Stealth, the easy way to monitor your caravan, car, boat or camping trailer.
This small, hidden GPS tracking device is inexpensive to buy and allows you to monitor your assets using a free iCar app on your smartphone. The app shows you a live location of the tracker at any time. Suitable for iPhones or Android phones, iCar also allows you to activate a motion sensor or set up a virtual boundary around your van to then alert you if either is triggered. You can even track your trip on any day in the past week showing locations, time, speed and total distance travelled. And best of all there are no ongoing, monthly fees – you simply pay for the very little data it uses …. no more than $15 for the entire year!