Share your experience with our GPS trackers.

Did you prevent your car from being stolen with the LiveTrek Stealth? Maybe you found your stolen boat with our LiveTrek Sentinel or your missing bike with the LiveTrek Guardian? Maybe you even found your beloved pet with our Petrek 3G.

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I'm sure you get a lot of positive comments back from customers, and here's mine!

Steve - Pet Owner


The petrek totally changed the game with managing the cats, I have a rescue that cannot be an inside only cat, and I occasionally take temporary care of  other cats that are always at risk of disappearing, having a petrek on their collar makes the process much much safer for them and less stressful for me!

Normally with cats as soon as they are out of sight they are invisible and can be anywhere, having the tracking has been a revolution, I've retrieved him from over km's away, I can find him when its curfew time and I know that if he stays to still for a while he's probably found another cat, I've stopped literally dozens of cat fights over the years thanks to the Petrek. The unit has survived all those fights, has been dropped into puddles and down drains (in the early days!) has gone over and under fences thousands of times, it's amazing. 

Thanks again for producing this, it's the best safety technology for pet ownership on the market.


These trackers are worth their weight in gold. 

Warren - Altona, VIC


My youngest cat did not come home last night but I was able to see where it was on the app. Still wasn’t back by 11pm so I went to where the tracker said it was & found her badly injured.Her rear, right leg was broken. She’s currently in a vet hospital having surgery. 
If not for the tracker, I would’ve never found her & she may have died. The vet thinks she was either hit by a car or has fallen off a roof of a building & broken her leg. So thank you for designing this device - it just possibly saved a cat’s life.


Peace of Mind

Emma - NSW


I got this for my beagle specifically for use when we go on holidays or camping where there aren't fences. I generally leave it off him when he is at home as he is secure. It worked well outdoors and was quick to respond when I changed from normal to urgent modes when he went off for a run. Also, I could watch him running back to me on the app when he was in the bush. The GPS connection doesn't work the best when he is indoors but worked well when I needed it. The iPet App is easy to use and Geofencing is good.


A must have!

Macaela - Pet Owner


Our golden retriever wears her Petrek everyday for our peace of mind - it was her Christmas present! The app is really easy to use and has great features like the Geofence and daily record of location activity.

We have found the LiveTrek Stealth tracker to be very accurate and a great help to our business.

Sue - Echuca, VIC


On the rare occasion that we've had to go to our "Houseboat For Two" along the river when guests need help, the tracker has made it so easy to find the boat! I have already recommended it to others ... it's a wonderful thing!