Livetrek Sentinel 3G Tracker

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      Introducing, The LiveTrek Sentinel

      A portable GPS tracker


      Exclusive Features:

      • The LiveTrek Sentinel is completely portable allowing you to easily interchange it between different vehicles or other equipment. It can also be mounted magnetically to any metal surface.
      • The tracker is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 2-3 weeks before needing recharging using the supplied magnetic charging cable. 
      • The LiveTrek Sentinel has an emergency SOS button. Pushing this button will immediately send an alert to your phone. The tracker also has an Accident Alert feature. If the tracker detects a sudden impact or shock an alert will be immediately sent to your phone.


      • The tracker is supplied with a pre-paid SIM card. Very little data is needed for each location update so your running cost will be less than $20 for the entire year!
      • Your tracker is viewed and controlled through the free iCar app, available for Android and Apple devices.  
      • LiveTrek Sentinel can easily be installed in a concealed location allowing you to view its current location on a smartphone.
      • You can track multiple vehicles or boats on your phone. LiveTrek Sentinel uses GPS satellites  for fixing the location but requires the mobile network to send that data to your phone.
      • If you wish, you can also share the location of your tracker with other smartphone users. This can be done by issuing them with codes that are specific to that tracker.
      • A virtual boundary can be created and you will be notified when the tracker moves outside this designated area.
      • Location history can be viewed for any day in the past week. 


      Product Dimensions:

      Height 62.5mm
      Width 50.5mm
      Depth 24mm
      Weight 30g
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